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OUMS Elections for the Exec Committee 21/22 are open!

The elections for the new OUMS Executive Committee for TT 2021 – HT 2022 will take place on Saturday, 13th March (8th week) at 1pm online.

These elections are open to all OUMS members, and you are strongly encouraged to come watch, ask any questions you may have and vote for the candidates standing in each position.

As the musical hub of Oxford, the Exec plays a hugely important role in maintaining and developing student music-making in the university, responsible primarily for overseeing the activities of all OUMS ensembles, organising auditions at the start of each term and promoting various musical events and opportunities happening across Oxford.

The following positions are now open to applications from all OUMS members, and the current incumbents are listed should you have any questions about what the role involves:

President – Joseph Greaney

Vice President – Vivian Ng

Secretary – Hannah Capstick

Treasurer – Zara Siddiqi

Communications Officer – Reuben Tendler

Social Secretary – Danny Riley

Webmaster – Bruce Parris

Access and Outreach Officer – Ellen O’Brien

If you’d like to apply for any of these positions, please email a brief CV with any relevant experience, and a manifesto detailing at least policy you would like to implement or change if elected (max. 250 words each) to president@oums.org. Any questions should also be directed here.

The deadline for applications is Saturday 6th March, and a list of candidates will be made available in 8th week.

The elections will be accessed via this link: https://tinyurl.com/OUMSElections

We look forward to seeing you at the elections!

The OUMS Executive Committee 2020/21

OUMS Brochure 2020


OUMS Covid 19 Guidance Booklet 1.0

For Michaelmas Term 2020, OUMS is dedicated to continuing its high-standard music making during the coronavirus. The executive committee have created a Covid-19 Guidance Booklet, using guidance from the government, the University and musical unions which can be found above. This guidance booklet has been created for the use of our ensembles, but we hope this can be of use to any musical society or group. The safety of our members and the wider community have been made the priority, and we have established extensive rules and guidelines for our own ensembles to ensure this.

This term will largely consist of in-person chamber music performance through OU Chamber Music Society, and online performances for our larger ensembles. OUMS is working towards recorded performances and live streamed concerts throughout the term. In addition to performance, we are hoping to continue our access and outreach work. Please see our Outreach and Community Engagement Facebook page to get involved.

Auditions are going ahead however will take place completely online, and please see the link above for more information. Although the majority of ensemble recruitment happens in Michaelmas, the audition process also takes place at the start of Hilary and Trinity.

Furthermore to all incoming freshers, make sure to visit our stall at the SU Freshers’ Fair on Wednesday 7th October 8:00-20:00 where members from each ensemble and the executive committee will be ready to answer any of your questions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email president@oums.org

OUMS Executive Committee

About OUMS

The Oxford University Music Society was founded in 1872, making it one of Oxford’s oldest and most prestigious societies. It was founded to promote the appreciation and performance of music within the University. For the last 140 years we have been a central focus for Oxford’s rich musical life, for students, academics, and members of the Oxford public. Being a member of OUMS does not necessarily mean that you are performer, but that you enjoy music in some form or another.

What do we do?

“The Musical Hub of Oxford”

OUMS aims to encourage mass participation in music. As well as co-ordinating many auditioned ensembles, including the flagship Oxford University Orchestra, the society runs two non-auditioning ensembles – the Chorus and the University Brass Band. In addition, OUMS is looking to play a big part in improving and increasing the provision of college music so that everyone, whatever their skill, can get involved.

OUMS also aims to be the hub of music for anyone in Oxford. As well as orchestrating the majority of Oxford’s student concerts, we also provide a weekly events newsletter during term time to all our registered members (visit Get Involved to be added to this mailing list).

Who makes up OUMS?

OUMS is run by an Executive Committee, as well as the managers of each of the affiliated ensembles. We also aim to include the ideas and opinions of each college music society when we make decisions. However, OUMS itself is made up by everyone who participates in music at Oxford – playing or listening. There is no membership fee or regular commitment, so don’t hesitate to get involved in music at Oxford!

You can also Contact Us if you have any questions about OUMS or musical life at Oxford.
To join our mailing list, please email secretary@oums.org or webmaster@oums.org.

Who supports OUMS?

OUMS is supported generously by the Music Faculty. For more information, click here. We are also grateful to sponsors past and present, and are always looking to form new sponsorship arrangements.