Harris Manchester Choir

Harris Manchester College Chapel Choir

Harris Manchester Choir
Organ Scholar: William Heywood (grad. 2015)
Email: william.heywood@trinity.ox.ac.uk
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Choir Commitment
Three evening services a term, on Wednesdays of 3rd, 5th and 7th week, and a weekly rehearsal on Monday, currently from 5.45-6.30. There is also the Carol service in Michaelmas term, the Ascension Day morning service in Trinity term, and a few other odd services throughout the year.

Who Can Join The Choir?
The choir is open to all over 21s studying at Oxford.

Additional Benefits
Hall is provided for non-College members after the evening services.

Details Of The Organ Scholarship
There is only one Organ Scholar at a time at Harris Manchester, and it is awarded when the previous Scholar leaves. Anyone can apply for the post. The Organ Scholar gets a salary from the College, and as well as taking the Choir is expected to play for a Unitarian congregation in the College Chapel on a Sunday morning (term time only) and organise a weekly recital series during term.