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Lincoln College Chapel Choir details

Chapel Precentors: Jacob Ewens, Grace Turner
Organ Scholar: Arthur Vickery (Michaelmas 2016 onwards)

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The choir sings a weekly Sunday Evensong at 6pm, with a preceding rehearsal at 4pm. There is also a weekly rehearsal on Wednesday from 5:45 – 7pm. There are occasionally additional mid-week services.

Additional Benefits:

– Free weekly singing lessons with renowned soprano Bronwen Mills

– Free formal dinner after every service

– Subsidised national tours (up to 2 a year)

– Termly choral masterclasses

Choral Scholarships:

Choral Scholars are selected from the existing members of the choir, and must be members of Lincoln College. However, we do also offer Choral Exhibitions to those not studying at Lincoln. Both receive an annual stipend of £100.

Organ Scholarships:

Lincoln offers two organ scholarships at any one time. Most organ scholars study music, and Lincoln admits two or three music students each year. Between them, the organ scholars accompany the choir and assist the Chapel Precentors with the organisation of services, concerts and tours. The Hillingsworth Organ Scholar receives an annual stipend of £500, while the Junior Organ Scholar receives £300 per annum. Both scholars are guaranteed accommodation with a piano in college for all three years of their study.