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Somerville Music Society (SMS) was founded in 2000 and is the successor of the joint Worcester-Somerville Music Society, whose alumnae include people as diverse as Emma Kirkby and Margaret Thatcher. The Society coordinates musical events at Somerville College and organises the weekly lunchtime recitals as well as regular evening concerts featuring the Choir of Somerville College, soloists from Somerville and other colleges and various ad-hoc ensembles. Recent projects include two opera productions staged in the college chapel and a number of recitals featuring professional musicians. We also have at least one informal Open Concert every term. All Somervillians who sing or play an instrument to whatever standard are welcome to perform both classical and popular music. In addition to the recitals and evening concerts, SMS also organises social events (e.g. post-concert drinks parties and the annual SMS dinner). Somerville Music Society owns a number of musical instruments as well as band equipment and CDs which can be used by its members. Almost all concerts at Somerville are recorded and the many performances are added to their YouTube channel.