Worcester Choir

Worcester College Choir


Organ Scholars:
Nicholas Freestone (Senior, Graduates 2014)
Alexander Goodwin (Graduates 2015)
Benjamin Cunningham (Graduates 2016)

Email: nicholas.freestone@worc.ox.ac.uk or jonathan.arnold@worc.ox.ac.uk

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Worcester is unique among the Oxford colleges in that it has not one, but two flourishing chapel choirs of equal status, which share out the weekly services between them. There is a mixed-voice choir constituted of auditioned choral scholars and volunteers, which sings twice a week: weekly on Thursday and on alternating Sunday and Monday evenings.

The Boys’ Choir consists of trebles from Christ Church Cathedral School and alto, tenor and bass choral scholars. This choir sings weekly on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.These choirs are run on a day-to-day basis by Worcester’s three Organ Scholars.

Two services a week for the mixed choir, and two a week for the chorister’s choir (consisting of ATB scholars plus boy choristers). This means that ATB scholars sing four services a week plus one additional mixed rehearsal.

Who can join the choir?
The choir is open to members of any college subject to an audition. Only scholars and bursars commit to a full schedule, but those not doing so receive no financial remuneration.

Additional Benefits
Dinner is provided free of charge after services.

Choral Scholarships
Scholarships available in Choral Award trials. Only members of Worcester can receive these scholarships. Members from other colleges are called bursars. Both scholars and bursars are rewarded around £200 per annum plus 3 free dinners a week and singing lessons up to £500.

Details of the Organ Scholarships:
Scholarships are awarded every year. Appointed every year and worth They are worth £310 per year plus three dinners a week. The required commitment is seven services per fortnight, alongside 5 rehearsals (4 with the boys’ choir, 1 with the mixed choir) each week.