Oxford University Philharmonia (OUPhil)

Conducted by Cayenna Ponchione

The Oxford University Philharmonia was founded in 1992, and ever since it has been both run and conducted entirely by students. In past years, the orchestra has performed a wide range of repertoire, including Brahms’ Symphony No.3, a Varsity performance of Verdi’s Requiem and Barber’s Violin Concerto, to name but a few.

Each Hilary term, OUPhil includes a solo concerto in the programme. Auditions for the soloist take place in Michaelmas, and past performances have been of an extremely high standard. A new conductor and leader take office in Trinity term, and auditions for places in the orchestra are held by OUMS in Michaelmas.

OUPhil has a highly sociable and friendly atmosphere. The orchestra holds a social dinner in the second week of each term, and there is always an after-party after a concert! In the past, OUPhil has also been abroad on tours, including a trip to Vienna in 2007.