Oxford Students’ Chamber Music Society

Facilitating the creation of chamber groups in Oxford


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President: Kirsty Clark
Vice-President: Jazzy Ramsay Gray
Secretary: Olivia Foster Vander Elst
Treasurer: Ellie Davidson
IT Officer: Jeremy Cheng

The newly founded Oxford Students’ Chamber Music Society serves to provide opportunities for individuals and existing ensembles at Oxford University to perform and have masterclasses with a variety of professional performers, as well as to form a network of players who are interested in chamber music within the university. They organise chamber music days that are both sociable and musically rewarding, as well as providing a concert platform for chamber groups.

The Society wants to facilitate the process of finding other musicians in Oxford who are interested in forming a chamber group. As such, they make use of the OUMS Players Database, and encourage their members to add their details to that list.

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