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Auditions for the OUMS ensembles take place in 0th week of Michaelmas term, and you can book your audition by visiting the auditions page, or you will also be able to book an audition slot at Freshers’ Fair. The auditions page contains information about the audition itself, plus a helpful FAQ section. You can view our Freshers’ leaflet here.

If you are a visiting student, or if you miss the Michaelmas auditions, OUMS also organise smaller-scale auditions at the beginning of Hilary and Trinity terms. To request an audition, please email the Secretary. You an also contact committees to request specific requirements or enquire about vacancies by browsing the pages of the individual ensembles.

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You can submit yourself to our players database, or singers database, which will allow those seeking musicians for groups or performances to get in contact and offer you opportunities relevant to your instrument/voice and level.


You can submit yourself to our teachers database, which will allow prospective students, of the correct standard for your teaching, to contact you.

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