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Oxford University Music Society


OUMS is more than just its ensembles. Schools, nurseries, care homes, hostels, hospitals, sheltered accommodation, day centres, and community centres form a thriving community in which the power of music is felt and shared.

From virtual performances and lessons to charity projects, OUMS’s outreach always aims to be accessible and inclusive. A showcase of our past outreach projects can be viewed here.

To find out more about our current outreach projects, click here.

Everyone is welcome to join our OUMS community, though we try to keep the people we work with local to Oxford and Oxfordshire. If you are interested in your organisation joining the community, please email outreach@oums.org.

OUMS Outreach and Community Engagement Facebook Group

Join the ‘OUMS Outreach and Community Engagement’ Facebook group [here] to get involved in upcoming musical projects in the Oxford community.


Accessibility to music is one of our top priorities. From providing access plans of rehearsal and concert venues to making adjustments, we are more than happy to help. If you have any enquiries about access, general or specific, please email outreach@oums.org.