Oxford University Philharmonia Concerto Competition:

Oxford University Philharmonia Concerto Competition 2017:

To enter, please email hannah.schneider@sjc.ox.ac.uk and rebecca.swanson@worc.ox.ac.uk with your name, the piece you wish to perform, and a short CV/bio. Deadline for entry is 29th of October (Sunday of 4th week) and auditions will be held 25th November (Saturday of 7th week).

The competition is open to students of the University of Oxford.

Please prepare one movement of your chosen concerto (piano accompaniment will be provided).

The excerpt need not be memorised, and there will be no penalty for reading from score. However if a player’s memorisation increases the quality and confidence of the audition, this will be taken into account.

The winner will perform in Oxford University Philharmonia’s Hilary 2018 concert.