Hire an Ensemble

Hiring an Ensemble – how OUMS can help

If you are organising a function or event, and are looking for an ensemble large or small orchestra, OUMS can help you.

OUMS work with the Music Faculty of the university to advertise performance opportunities to OUMS members. We will send out a call to members for an ensemble that will perfectly match your requirements in our weekly newsletter. With over 2500 musicians receiving our emails, the reach of this advertisement is vast. OUMS offers this service for free, and suggests that, if you find your ensemble through OUMS, you consider making a donation to OUMS. Please email the Treasurer for more information about this, or see our Sponsorship page.

1. Email the OUMS Secretary (secretary@oums.org) with your requirements: size and style of ensemble desired, date of the event, contact email address, and the fee offered to each performer.
2. OUMS will include your advertisement in the next newsletter, (emailed every Sunday to over 2500 members).
3. Any interested OUMS ensembles will contact you via the email address you have provided.